Black Sails: Series Retrospective part 5 Episode 52 Woodes Rogers & Billy Bones

In this episode we take a look back at the Starz pirate series Black Sails. This time we focus on the characters Woodes Rogers & Billy Bones as voted by the fans. Podcast air date 8/21/18 episode 51

Woodes Rogers is the newly appointed Royal Governor of the Bahamas. He heads to Nassau with the intend to take control of the colony from the pirates. In order to better understand Nassau, he takes Eleanor Guthrie to advise him; over time, their relationship grows closer.

He is the main antagonist in Season 3 and 4. He loses his title of Governor and is finally defeated by Jack Rackham, James Flint and Long John Silver. But Rackham doesn’t kill him, wanting instead to humiliate him to avenge Charles Vane and Edward Teach, who died because of him.

William Manderly, better known as Billy Bones, was the Boatswain of the pirate ship Walrus. After Gates became the captain of the Ranger he was promoted to Quartermaster. He is key to smooth operations on the ship, and was widely assumed to be the next quartermaster should anything happen to Gates. Bones’s belief in the righteousness of the pirate cause will be continually tested as he is drawn deeper and deeper into Captain Flint’s plans for the future. He later became First Mate, when John Silver became the new quartermaster.

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