Cinema du Fromage: “The Poseidon Adventure” 1972

Episode 14: We look at 1972’s film “The Poseidon Adventure” which stars Gene Hackman and Leslie Nielsen is Directed by Ronald Neame. Our Special guest is Sherry Andrea @sherryandrea August 9, 2018

Hosts KingPengvin aka Terry Anstey @Kingpengvin J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1
Kinte @KinteF

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Special Guest: Sherry Andrea @sherryandrea

Movies Make the Meal:

Movie Talley: 104 65% Cheese Rating

King: 26
1) production quality 9
2) story 5
3) acting 5
4) overall entertainment value 7

Jen: 19
1) production quality 9
2) story 3
3) acting 3
4) overall entertainment value 4

Kinte: 34
1) production quality 9
2) story 8
3) acting 8
4) overall entertainment value 9

Sherry: 25
1) production quality 7
2) story 5
3) acting 7
4) overall entertainment value 6

The Poseidon Adventure
PG 1972 ‧ Drama/Disaster Film ‧ 1h 57m

En route from New York City to Greece on New Year’s Eve, majestic passenger ship the S.S. Poseidon is overtaken by a tidal wave. With the captain (Leslie Nielsen) dead, surviving passengers, including the passionate Rev. Scott (Gene Hackman), band together in the ship’s ballroom. The group struggles to avert fires, flooding, structural instability and mechanical malfunctions as they make their way through a maze of ladders and tunnels in their desperate attempt to escape a watery grave.
Release date: December 13, 1972 (USA)
Director: Ronald Neame
Featured song: The Morning After
Story by: Paul Gallico

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