Talking The Terror: Episode 5 eps 7 & 8 (1×7 & 8)

Episode 5: Join hosts J Corina Francis, Yardley & Kinte as they break down Episodes 7 & 8 Horrible from Supper (1×7) / “Terror Camp Clear” (1×8) of season 1 of the AMC television drama “The Terror” 5/9/18

Season 1, Episode 7 4/30/18
Horrible from Supper
As the men make new attempts to find rescue, a series of shocking events underscores how vulnerable and exposed their situation has become.

Season 1, Episode 8 5/7/18
Terror Camp Clear
Deaths under mysterious circumstances create paranoia among the men, and some of the crew may be considering mutiny.

J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1
Yardley @militant_marker
Kinte @KinteF

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