The Spotlight: Taiisha Bradley Celebrity Publicist #255

Episode 255 we talk to Celebrity Publicist & Creative Strategist, Taiisha Bradley. Taiisha is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of Rutherford County Black Business Network in Middle Tennessee. 10/5/18

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Kinte @KinteF

Guest: Taiisha Bradley @TaiishaBradley

About Taiisha Bradley:

My name is Taiisha Bradley, and I am a Celebrity Publicist and Creative Strategist.

I provide strategic and creative information, tools and resources that inspire, guide, and publicize entrepreneurs.

What that means is I teach you how to leverage the power and reach of publicity so you can share your gifts and purpose with the world, allowing you to create and live the lifestyle of your dreams. Sign up for my brand spanking new, self paced online workshop,” Instant Authority!”

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