Mars/Venus: All Male show part 5

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Mars/Venus: All Male show part 5

Episode 76 the topic: The fellas get together to talk about may different subjects. Monday October 3, 2016

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Kinte @KinteF
Rasheem @SRasheem

Aaron Gowans @Wakeupbetter
Joshua Chitty @SemiCoreJosh

aaron-gowansAaron Gowans
Former Quadriplegic| Motivational speaker | Sales Trainer | Millionaire Coach. For bookings email

Joshua Chitty

Co-Owner SemiCore Studios, Co-Host Harry’s Code: A Dexter Podcast, The Netfix, Benscast Wrestling, Screenwriter, Podcaster, SCOP!josh-chitty



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Mars/Venus: All Male Panel part 3 50 (2×10)

50 All Male Panel part 3.psd promo.psd 2.jpg 601.jpg the menSynopsis: Join our panel for a discussion on topics that impact men’s ability to achieve a successful balance in work, love, leisure, faith and family.

Men are encouraged to play by the “rules of masculinity” throughout their lives. These rules shape what is acceptable or expected of men often involving choices that can compromise a healthy work/life balance. Is a true balance realistic? If so, how can men make best use of each day? If not, what new standards need to be considered?  Mar 16, 2015


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Hosts Kinte @KinteF & Acuminous Watanabe @AcuminousOne


Male: Olaf Barbosa Christian Renn aka Fin Yardley Hickey Ken White Pat Murphy Nate Cottman

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