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The Infectious Geek : Gamer Heaven

12087319_1189538197729600_3410938249781762892_oJoin Olaf and I as we start off chatting about all the fall show premiers! Then we will talk to Benjamin Fultz and Kaitlyn Mackenzie all about the new upcoming games for the holiday season and our all time favorite games!!! Wednesday October 14, 2015

Hosts: Tory Rush @RushTory and Captain Olaf Barbosa

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Spotlight: Video Game Reviewer Joey Ferris & Dean240 (2×19) #51

Episode 51 Video Game Reviewer Joey Ferris joins us as well as Dean240. Thursday, May 19, 2011

Host Kinte
Co-Host Psylent Knight, Neon-San & D.L. Watson
Guest: Dean240 & Joey Ferris

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Joey Ferris is a Video Game reviewer

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