Cinema du Fromage: “Battle Beyond the Stars” 1980

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Cinema du Fromage: “Battle Beyond the Stars” 1980

Episode 16: We look at 1980’s film “Battle Beyond the Stars” which stars Lara Cody and Lawrence Steven Meyers is Directed by Roger Corman, Jimmy T. Murakami. Our Special guest is TBA August 23, 2018

Hosts KingPengvin aka Terry Anstey @Kingpengvin J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1
Kinte @KinteF

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Special Guest: Ken White

Movies Make the Meal:

Movie Score Talley: 96 60% Cheese Rating

KingPengvin 26
1) production quality 7

2) story 5

3) acting 6

4)overall entertainment value 8

Kinte 20
1) production quality 5

2) story 4

3) acting 5

4)overall entertainment value 6

J Corina Francis 23
1) production quality 8

2) story 3

3) acting 3

4)overall entertainment value 9

Special Guest: Ken White 27
1) production quality 6

2) story 7

3) acting 6

4)overall entertainment value 8

Battle Beyond the Stars
PG 1980 ‧ Science fiction film/Indie film ‧ 1h 45m

Seven space warriors do battle to save a peaceful planet from a ruthless conqueror who promises to give his laser-toting mutant followers eternal life – by grafting victims’ organs and limbs on to their aged bodies.
Initial release: November 13, 1980 (West Germany)
Directors: Roger Corman, Jimmy T. Murakami
Budget: 2 million USD
Box office: 7.5 million USD
Music composed by: James Horner

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