Mars/Venus: Low-Hanging Fruit

Going for the bottom of the barrel is something people do when they are dating. In this episode we take a look at the different instances that people do when they go after Low-Hanging Fruit Episode 62 9/28/15 Low-hanging fruit Targets or goals which are easily achievable and which do not require a lot Read more about Mars/Venus: Low-Hanging Fruit[…]

Mars/Venus: Fetishes & Fantasies

Fetishes & Fantasies are they Good to act out in relationships or Bad for the success of your relationship. 10 of the Most Popular Sexual Fetishes Episode 61 9/21/15 Hosts: Kinte @KinteF Tara Lynn @TaralynGravois Guest: Female: Dia Dufaux Angie Nash TheNerdyCompanion@Gmail.Com   Jacqueline Blakeney Smith Male: Christian Read more about Mars/Venus: Fetishes & Fantasies[…]

Mars/Venus: People to Watch out for

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on your relationships and realizing that it seems as though you keep dating the same type of wo/man over and over? In the workplace, do you find it difficult to find middle ground with your co-workers and wish you could read their minds well enough to separate those who Read more about Mars/Venus: People to Watch out for[…]

Mars/Venus: All Male Panel part 3

Synopsis: Join our panel for a discussion on topics that impact men’s ability to achieve a successful balance in work, love, leisure, faith and family. Men are encouraged to play by the “rules of masculinity” throughout their lives. These rules shape what is acceptable or expected of men often involving choices that can compromise a Read more about Mars/Venus: All Male Panel part 3[…]

Mars/Venus Spirituality in Relationships

Episode 48 we will be talking about the importance spirituality and/or religion play in romantic relationships. Guest panelists include Shon & Londina Hyneman of The Doctor of Love Show Podcast: air date 3/2/15 The common wisdom goes like this: “some enchanted evening,…” However once reality sets in, lovers will awaken from their mutual projections, discover Read more about Mars/Venus Spirituality in Relationships[…]

The Girlfriend Experience Buying Companionship: Mars/Venus Show Episode 47

Episode 47 Are you lonely would like someone of the opposite sex to spend time with want something more intimate than just sex? Escorts may be the answer you’re looking for according to our guest panelist this week! We will be talking about The Girlfriend Experience with Angie Nash @NerdyCompanion Hosts Kinte @KinteF & Read more about The Girlfriend Experience Buying Companionship: Mars/Venus Show Episode 47[…]