Spotlight: Joey Ferris & Video Games of 2016

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Spotlight: Joey Ferris & Video Games of 2016

On Episode 224 we talk to Joey Ferris of Ferris Wheel Productions about the new hot video games of 2016 and beyond. 8/25/16

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Joey Ferris @FerrisWheelPro

Glorious Self-Proclaimed Game Journalist whose mother’s apartment smells of lilac and gooseberries. @nerdreactor-@SacAnime-@Commonrealm-@KicxTV

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Spotlight: Video Game Reviewer Joey Ferris & Dean240 (2×19) #51

Episode 51 Video Game Reviewer Joey Ferris joins us as well as Dean240. Thursday, May 19, 2011

Host Kinte
Co-Host Psylent Knight, Neon-San & D.L. Watson
Guest: Dean240 & Joey Ferris

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Joey Ferris is a Video Game reviewer

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