Black Empowerment 365: Emuna Zamani vs The Florida Judicial System

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Black Empowerment 365: Emuna Zamani vs The Florida Judicial System

Episode 23 Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome Emuna Zamani as she talks about her battles with The Florida Judicial System. August 26, 2016

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If asked to describe herself, Emuna Zamani would more than likely use the adjective “successful” ; college graduate, a career that placed her in management of 100+ employees in various states, accolades on her desk and wall but most importantly, she was able to support her family which consisted of herself, a son and two daughters.

Being a successful, black woman in corporate America can fool even the smartest of women into believing that certain trials that plague others black women would somehow pass them over because of certain successes. In 2010, Emuna learned that she was not immune to being targeted by the beast, The Florida Judicial System and its offspring, The Florida Department of Corrections.

In this interview, Emuna will discuss just how personal this fight became for her and why although it seems that she is at the end of the fight, she is committed to making this a lifetime battle to help others.

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Mars/Venus: Let’s Talk Lupus with Sigma Upsilon Nu

Episode 72 We welcome the ladies of Sigma Upsilon Nu Second Life Sorority to talk Lupus. The panel will consist of two sorors from Sigma Upsilon Nu (Cleo and Emuna), one of the brothers from Xi Alpha Phi (Judas) and Jessilyn who is a Red Door model, model agency owner and fights Lupus daily. 5/9/16
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Emuna @EmunaZamani
Cleo @CleoKellman

Emuna Zamani’s Bio: Coming into SL in 2007, Emuna spent the better part of her first 5 years learning to build and role playing on themed sims. Sigma Upsilon Nu was the first sorority that she noticed on the grid back in 2012 and she was immediately impressed because of activism and charity being a few of her passions in real life. Emuna became a soror March 2014 working on the recruitment/assessment team and sponsorship.

Cleopatra Kellman’s Bio: Cleopatra Kellman has been on the grid since 2008. During this time she has been involved in many aspects of SL. In 2010, she co-founded Sigma Upsilon Nu, Sorority which mirrors the existence of Real Life Greek Organizations and is active supporters of Lupus Awareness on the Grid. In addition to her activity with the sorority Cleopatra also runs and operates The Red Door Models which has been on the grid since 2007 and is the editor of the quarterly magazine Sister’s With A Voice.

Judas Dorian’s Bio: Under the advice of his sister from IMVU, Judas came to Second Life mid December of 2012. He has always had the desire to experience new things which included the brotherhood of a fraternity. After searching for a few years for the right one, Judas stopped his search because the ones that he came in contact with did not seem to be able to hold up their promise of brotherhood. Upon meeting Big Brother Wrath with Xi Alpha Phi, Incorporated and hearing him compliment the way that Judas carried myself, he saw something in the man of Alpha as well which led him to pledge Xi Alpha Phi, this year. Now that Judas has the support of his brothers and sisters along with being newly married, he is ready to embark on building his brand in Second Life.

Jessilyn Brandi’s Bio: Jessilyn Brandi has been a Second Life resident since January 2009. With 30 years of modeling experience it was only natural for Jessilyn to seek out her craft of modeling in Second Life. Not only is she a Red Door, she also owns her own modeling agency, sharing her talents with others that wish to learn the trade along with helping them with assignments. Jesslilyn is also someone that battles Lupus on a daily basis. Sigma Upsilon Nu deems her one of their beautiful warriors that they fight for, fiercely.

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