Spotlight: Damien D. Smith returns “Daddy’s Big Girl” Episode 248

Spotlight: Damien D. Smith returns “Daddy’s Big Girl” Episode 248





Episode 248 we talk to Actor/film maker Damien D. Smith about his new project “Daddy’s Big Girl” 5/18/18

“Daddy’s Big Girl” Synopsis: A father prepares his daughter for him not to be around like she is used to having him in her life.

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Guest Damien D. Smith @DamienDSmith

Damien D. Smith is an actor and writer, known for Vital Signs (2016), About That (2015) and Brides of Satan (2017).

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Black Empowerment 365: Damien D. Smith #TheHumanityInUs

Episode 22 Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome Actor/Film maker Damien D. Smith about his project #TheHumanityInUs link to his video August 19, 2016

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This day in history August 19

1963 – Youth from the NAACP Council begins sit-ins at lunch counters in Oklahoma City,

Youth from the NAACP Council begins sit-ins at lunch counters in Oklahoma City, 1963


An Artivism project by Damien D. Smith



I’ve put together a visual art instillation, focusing around the recent police murders of African-Americans in the United States of America. Its purpose is to bring to light that “WE” as African-Americans are actually, humans. We feel that one of the reasons that these horrific events keep happening is that, in the eyes of certain Law Enforcement Agencies, African-Americans are not viewed as human beings.

How it went down:

On July 14, 2016 a collective of African-American artist came together to record a series of testimonials under the direction of actor/director, Damien D. Smith.

The only scripted dialogue was:
“If I should die by the hands of the police”

When putting this project together, Smith took elements of all the rich and illuminating stories that the artist told and created a narrative. None of their stories are told in there entireties for the initial release of #TheHumanityInUs.


Damien D. Smith (Director & Artivist)


Thomas Q. Jones (Former NFL Running Back, Actor, Straight out of Compton)

Milauna Jemai Jackson (Actress, Aquarius – NBC, Strike Back – Cinemax)

Carl Seaton (Director, Bad Dad Rehab, TV One)

Natasha Ward (Casting Director, Kicks, The Perfect Match)

Damien D. Smith (Actor/Director, Bedtime with Black n Sexy, Born Again Virgin – TvOne)

Fred Thomas Jr. (Director, R&B Divas Los Angeles: The Divalogues)

Khalilah Joi Dubose (Being Mary Jane – BET, Agent Carter – ABC)
Malik Barnhardt (Actor, 8 Mile, Next Day Air)
Michael Payne (Actor)
Edwin Morrow (Rap Artist)
Tomi Townsend (Singer)
Jackie Stone (Director)

Theo Caesar (Agent)
Damon Turner (Activist)
Myles Payne
David Ashley
Reesha L Archibald
Aaron Opara
Maleena Lawrence
Allen Sowelle
Desmond Faison
Adebola afolabi
Danna Kiel
Emmanuel V Rumph
Reginald T Dorsey
Randall C Dansl
Crystal Cotton
Yakeri Chambers
Keelan Nealey
Aisha Alese
Megers Frierson
Theo Wilson

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