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Just before season one of the Spotlight aired in 2010 Kinte the shows eventual creator was approached to start a animation podcast with an animator and Modder named Onald by well-known Modder Stvndysn. That show never got off the ground so Kinte turned his attention to starting a show that focused on interviews with independent content creators. These Content creators ranged from Machinima and live action film makers, Modders, Voice actors and ETC. Looking for a co-host Kinte went to friend and Founder of Tower of Zeal online Neon-San for those duties.

On April 15, 2010 the first episode of the Spotlight aired on a Thursday night at 7pm pst / 10 pm est with guest Benjamin Tuttle and the cast of his film “Farce of the Zombies”. On the eight episode of the season Voice actor/ producer psylent.knight would join the show as a co-host. Then eventually Film maker D.L. Watson would round out the foursome of Hosts on the show. Guests include: Anima Technica, K4, BlazeLeeDragon, Macwemyss, Phaylen Fairchild, John Martin II, Matt Kelland and more.

This show features interviews with Film makers, Modders, Voice over Actors and other creative people. Some shows may include a panel of guests breaking down the world of film making. So if you are a creative person contact the show and you may be put in the spotlight. The Spotlight Season 1 (2010)

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