Sherry Andrea Psychic: Spiritual & Metaphysical Awakening Stories

Join host Sherry Andrea, a higher self channeler and co-host/producer Robin Guyton as we discuss moving forward along our spiritual paths and take callers for mini readings related to the discussion. Our guest for this episode will be a previous co-host and student of Spirituality and Metaphysics Ki’er Johnson. Call in during live show to (516) 418-5587.

For Live Mini Psychic Readings please note: One (1) question per caller!

Sherry Andrea’s purpose in this incarnation is to help others along their spiritual path. Many are guided to her by Angels and Ascended Masters. She is a conscious higher self channel who is fully merged with my higher self, as well as a energy worker (and Reiki Master) with telekinesis, spiritual teacher, law of attraction coach and author. A higher level of divine truth is what comes through her.

Testimonial: “Sherry is the most amazing calming spirit I have ever encountered. She has helped me over many hurdles and every time I talk to her i feel like i can over come my challenges. She gives real genuine advice and her readings are ALWAYS ON POINT. My husband and I call her the guru of psychics. She really is. Please get a reading from her.”
July 19, 2018

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