Shannon Ford-Jefferson

I am Shannon M Ford-Jefferson. I have been writing for as far back as I can remember. I was in the first grade when I penned a rap/poem introducing myself to the class. I will never forget how I stood up and performed it, because after all … it was the proper thing to do. My teacher, the late Ms. Janet Prey said to me… “you are a poet…” Those words have never ventured far from my thoughts, as I took to pen and paper to write poems, and thoughts, and love letters throughout my journey. I am grateful to her for giving me the label of POET, now I know that my gift is meant to be shared, and in it I hope those who read my words, are inspired to feel and inspired to be.

I am from Omaha, Nebraska, which is the middle of the map (of North America). I am a lover of chai tea, bubble tea, international travel, a good book, good food, good music, and good conversation. I currently live in Miami Beach, where being an Au Pair pays the bills, and laughter still is the medicine of my soul. I believe that once you are planted in your purpose, pursue it as if you have only breath to do so, as if life depends on it. Knowing that everything else just gets mundane when your purpose isn’t attached to it.

My best accessory is always my smile. I dare to be the change I want to see in the world.

Hope you enjoy my vulnerabilities. My scattered brain, as it unravels across pages and into thoughts without punctuation at times. I hate it, and if I can avoid it… I do. I hope my heart speaks through every word and that it lends you access to what is my sacred to me…

and the pursuit of discovering yourself

Never stop pursuing the beauty that lies within you. Or sharing it with others.

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