Mars/Venus: Protecting our Children 32

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Mars/Venus: Protecting our Children 32

Synopsis: In a perfect world, children and teens would grow up to be happy, healthy, functioning adults. However, there are hundreds of influences that they will encounter throughout their early lives that will have an impact on their development – both in negative and positive ways.

While every generation tends to think their experience is unique, things really have measurably changed for today’s children. Technology has had a role in that, changing the culture around children and teens far faster than changes their grandparents, and even their parents ever experienced. Hurried parents, violent culture, sexual pressures and health concerns add to the issues that children and teens face.

Episode 32 the panel these and other issues as we explore solutions to the challenges kids face. 10/6/14

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Hosts: Kinte @KinteF & Acuminous Watanabe @AcuminousOne


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