Mars/Venus: Moral Dilemmas part 7 #93

Episode 93 the topic: In this discussion we explore several different Moral Dilemmas.  Monday October 1, 2018 panel Jacqueline Blakeney Smith, Tiffany Hall, , Olaf Barbosa

A moral dilemma is a conflict in which you have to choose between two or more actions and have moral reasons for choosing each action. Learn more about moral dilemmas from examples and test your knowledge with a quiz.

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Moral Dilemmas

1 “The Letter” You are in a long term relationship that just ended badly due to something YOU did. At first it appeared that it was UN fixable, but after a day or two you was able to get back with your mate. The 2 of you hug, kiss and make up and then your mate says “Oh Shit! They tell you “I wrote you a letter and slipped it under your door. In this letter I said some things not so nice about you. Can you return to me the letter UN opened? ”   What do you do? A. Open & Read the letter B. Return the letter UN opened

02 Ghoster… I met a guy and his family at a bar a couple weeks ago & we hit it off. I added him on Facebook & messaged him shortly after. We slowly began talking more &more. His ex-wife divorced him 7 months ago & that was the 1st time he had been out in months. Our conversations began to evolve into more serious discussions about our lives & eventually, texting led to sexting. Neither one of us were/are looking for anything serious so I didn’t think that it was much of a problem. He had ask me to come over but I didn’t, I am also currently going through a divorce. We met later during the week, I drove to his house, He was super nervous & so was I. Eventually we had sex that night, I didn’t stay, And after sex he was making comments about things we would do later on down the road (not all sexual, some about being together). The sex wasn’t great, we were both so nervous and a little tipsy that it just kind of weirdly ended. We texted throughout the night & he texted me the next morning saying he was sick. I had a wedding to go to but my friends & I were supposed to meet back up w him & his family that night and go out. My ex-husband was at the wedding & I drank more than I probably should have. I called him (the day before he called & we talked for almost 2 hours) & he didn’t answer but texted me right away so I called again & he sent me to voicemail. I thought he was just hanging out at home because he was sick. I proceeded to tell him I was drunk & that I called him to say hey & that I felt dumb. He never responded. Later that night I texted him apologizing for calling him while he was sick & tried to explain the situation at the wedding, still no response. I waited 2 days & texted him & said I was thinking about him & I hoped he was having a great day. I still haven’t heard anything. What did I do wrong? Did I scare him off? I thought we were doing great & then I called him that one time & now he’s completely disappeared. I really liked him.

3 “Dark Past”   You have been dating someone for an extended period of time. You are thinking about taking it to the next level. Then the person you are seeing informs you something about their past. It appears that several years ago he/she used to be a prostitute. Those years are far behind them and they are a changed person and far removed from that lifestyle. (They have no diseases at all.)

What do you do?

a. Continue to date them

b. Relationship ends there

04 Not 100 percent sure where I stand with this girl… So I’ve been working with this girl for almost a year now and we have become extremely close. When we first started together, I was in an unhappy marriage and am now going through separation & divorce. She is also in a relationship of 10 years but he just wants to travel while she is ready to settle down to do the house and kids thing. She’s told me that once everything is settled and I get my house back that I need to have a party as she wants to come over and have a few drinks. She always points out our similarities and of late has started specifically comparing me to her partner in the fact that I know her too well and “just understand & get her” compared to him. We are best friends on snapchat even though her partner has it and she also insisted I add her on Facebook & Messenger when I told her my wife was not accepting the fact I was leaving her (as she knows I wasn’t allowed to have female friends in real life or social media). She always sends me funny stuff through messenger even though she has shared them on facebook and knows I would see it there. A few people have told us we’re cute together and when we go out to get lunch people always assume we’re together and don’t want to pay separately. I’ve always assumed this meant people observed a good chemistry between us. We also go away as a part of our work so we spend a lot of time together having dinners & drinks.   On our most recent outing, she was instigating a lot of touching and at one point I even noticed her ever so gently bumping her butt into mine while enjoying the live band. While walking to our rooms, I had a sudden urge to put my arm around her waist and as I did that she did the same to me and pulled in tight while walking side by side the whole way back. While it may seem like a sure thing, I don’t normally get much attention from girls, let alone the pretty ones as I’m quite a shy guy and don’t normally put myself out there so this is quite an odd occurrence for me.

5 “Where do I rank?”

You just made love to your mate and in the afterglow they decided to ask you a question. “Am I the best you ever had?” The problem is they are not.

What do you tell them?


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