Mars/Venus: People to Watch out for

Mars/Venus: People to Watch out for

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on your relationships and realizing that it seems as though you keep dating the same type of wo/man over and over? In the workplace, do you find it difficult to find middle ground with your co-workers and wish you could read their minds well enough to separate those who it makes sense to learn to get along with from those who are just not rational about their work at all.

Tonight we explore the concept “Suffer Fools Gladly” and wade through the signs we often miss when trying to navigate the relationships around us in a productive way.

Hosts Kinte @KinteF & Acuminous Watanabe @AcuminousOne


Female: Ash Ashley Brown Emuna Zamani Odette-Graycon Blanch-Sonata
Male: Olaf Barbosa Vincent Lowe Lam

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