“Men and Women Talk: the Mars/Venus Show” is a radio show with a panel of women and men talking about issues of the day. This program deals with a wide range of topics such as relationships, Dating being superficial, the workplace, Catfishing and much more.

Each Monday @ 6pm pst/ 9pm est you can expect a panel of women and men to discuss these topics. The goal of this show is to show how male and females view the same subject under a different lens. The program is hosted by Kinte Fergerson and Shannon F0rd-Jefferson.

Our Hosts

Kinte K. Fergerson

Kinte Fergerson is a Radio host, Writer, Producer and Film maker. Fergerson also is the owner of Playhouse Productions a film production company as well as Indy Showcase which produces web content. Under Indyshowcase is the radio arm Indy Radio. Indy Radio. is the home for many podcasts such as: Art Beat, The Spotlight, Spotlight: Hollywood Edition, Talking about Walkers: The Walking Dead Podcast, Men & Women Talk: The Mars/Venus Show and much more.


Shannon Ford-Jefferson 

I am Shannon M Ford-Jefferson. I have been writing for as far back as I can remember. I was in the first grade when I penned a rap/poem introducing myself to the class. I will never forget how I stood up and performed it, because after all … it was the proper thing to do. My teacher, the late Ms. Janet Prey said to me… “you are a poet…” Those words have never ventured far from my thoughts, as I took to pen and paper to write poems, and thoughts, and love letters throughout my journey. I am grateful to her for giving me the label of POET, now I know that my gift is meant to be shared, and in it I hope those who read my words, are inspired to feel and inspired to be.


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