Spotlight: Actress Madeline Karita/ CBM Round 2

On Episode 216 we talk to Actress, Writer , Special Effects Artist Madeline Karita plus reveal round 2 of Comic Book Super Hero Madness bracket challenge. 4/28/16

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MadelineKarita bio

MadelineKarita’s life started at 15. After her attempted suicide and near death experience at the age of 15. Madelinekarita became a motivational speaker for young women and girls older than she was at the time. She put that career on hold as she attended the IVY LEAGUE Liberal Arts College “Antioch College” . Her life took a way bigger turn than college liberian had expected. After deciding to leave school , her modeling career began in Columbus,Ohio . In 2002 Vogue magazine found MadelineKarita, where she was featured as one of the street discoveries in a hometown model search.. Shortly thereafter,she quickly began booking runways for Guess,Project Runway, and Paul Mitchell,from the hitherto relatively unknown MadelineKarita became “WonderWoman” gracing the sites of Glamour Magazine, National Geographics,Vibe Vixen Magazine and People magazine, and serves as a Stylist consultant for Allure Magazine, Conde Nast, and Glamour. In addition to Starring in over 30 movies and stage production with lesser roles in films such as Middle Man, Lifetimes Man Eater, The Hangover , and The Dark knight, etc. Starring in the recently cancelled Syfy Pilot “WIZARD HUNTERS “.

No stranger to the radio or television interview circuit, she was one of the voices of “Glam-R-Us” magazine a weekly fashion and entertainment show in addition has been interviews on television over 50 times nationally and internationally since the age of 7.

Throughout her career MadelineKarita true talent has been always been acting.By the time she became a model Madelinekarita was already an award-winning play right and stage actor by the age of 13 years old. Known for with her chamelon like ability to transform into any character coupled with her martial artist training . She has carved out a niche for herrself in cinema by playing on the her “WonderWoman ” the role of badass strong woman.Roles have included playing the Devil, Hit Women, Villians, Heroes, God , Aliens, Asssassins ,and even David Bowie.In addition to starring in over 20 independent films, and movies and stage production with lesser roles in films such as Middle Man, Lifetimes Man Eater, The Hangover 3 , and The Dark knight, etc. Starring in the recently cancelled Syfy Pilot “WIZARD HUNTERS “.

When Madelinekarita sets her mind to anything to not only tackles it she kicks its butt. In February 2008, she became a backup dancer for Roca-A-Fella Records Jingle Ball Tour and a Red Carpet Satellite Liason for E! News Oscar Red carpet and the 2010 NBA ALL-STAR GAME. Shortly thereafter, she worked with the city of Tucson,Arizona to teach children break dancing and hip hop for two years.

In September 2014, her graphic design work as digital artist was on exhibit at MOMA from June 14 through September 23rd of that year . An honor she still counts as her greatest achievement.

MadelineKariita has worked along side such great actors such as Tommy Lister , Chrisitan Bale, Giovanni Ribisi. Gene Hackman , Terry Crews , Luke Wilson, and The entire cast of the Hangover, Sarah Chalke.In 2013 , published the book “Street Style- Japan”, showing a large selection of photographs of Japanese Fashion.and Culture

MadelineKarta has been a spokemodel for Vemma Energy, Runway Girls, 901 Tequila, Nascar, Bai, , Dannon,901 Tequila , NASCAR, Nintendo,Blink 182 ,My Chemical Romance, Heineken, Justin Bieber “Girlfriend”, Caress,Coco Cola, Lincoln Towncars ,Garnier Nutrisse ,Maybelline NEW YORK, Paul Mitchell Aveda Abba, Figenza Vodka ,Aerosmith ,Mid-American Beauty Classic ,Bai Energy Drink ,Salesforce ,Dole, and Molsons.

Is wasnt until 2015 that Madelinekarita reignited her passion as professional “Empowerment Speaker ” with upcoming speaking engagements at the University of Minnesota , and the University of Wisconsin. She started with her work in Black lives matters , where she wrote an article that was featured in major magazines around the world. And also landed her an invitation to speak at the world first global womams summit held in GOA ,India by the ALL LADIES LEAGUE or “ALL” a womans rights oganization with over 30,00 members in over 75 countries,dedicated to the fight to save woman and girls from oppression but also inspired her work on the documentary and field guide to female empowerment entitled “ALL IN” to which she serves as the producer, the goal of the project is to show community leaders, and activist implement and inact change in there own communities and villages around the world. Garnishing her the title of the Chair of “ALL ” Minneapolis. She is also the head of a Film Collective” The Revolutionary Film Collective “.

But despite all these projects she is a columnist for PAID ACTOR MAGAZINE.MadelineKarita runs MK.F media, a production, marketing and media distribution company.

MadelineKarita recently began production on her own nationwide talkshow ” The MadelineKarita Show ” a daytime telvision talk show launching to over 300,000 homes nationwide this summer.

She is also starring in and producing a series called “VILLIAN” for the XBOX Channel After Hours set to premiere next fall.

Also currently set to launch her newest book , an audio book of poetry entitled even the Devil Dream later this year .

In her spare time she attends classes at Stanford Business, and at Washington State, studies French , Computer programming, Running,trains in Martial Arts, and artistic endeavors and makes awesome Vegan desserts

With a social media following of over 900,000 national and international fans world wide, she has a universal appeal to many all over the world.

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