The Spotlight: Linda Marks Singer/Songwriter #253

Episode 253 we talk to Singer/Songwriter Linda Marks of Women In Music Gathering and Artists for the Environment. 8/28/18

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Guest: Linda Marks Singer/Songwriter


As a small child, Linda Marks, was passionate about music and felt a magnetic pull to pianos and all things musical. Her first word was piano, and she was placed in a Longy School of Music experimental program for gifted and talented kids at age 3. She started writing music in grammar school, and wrote the 8th grade graduation song. Linda holds a degree in Music with honors and distinction from Yale University, where she co-founded Something Extra, Yale’s 3rd women’s a capella singing group, as a 17 year old freshman. She ran Café Calhoun at Yale, and both sang and produced musical shows. In the 1980’s, Linda performed in the Boston acoustic music scene and sang and co-wrote songs with Lisa Wexler. She appeared on “Music America” with Ron Della Chiesa, and released a tape of original music, “Dreams and Themes” in 1983. She founded and ran the Boston Arts Roundtable, a group of musicians and other artists who gathered for camaraderie and produced multimedia concerts.

The Women In Music Gathering

The Women In Music Gathering is an intergenerational artist-alliance of women in music: singer/songwriters and performing musicians, with the primary goals of collaboration and support, extending to both personal and professional aspects of being a woman in music.

Artists for the Environment.

Diane Cameron Elam founded this project, and I hope you get to talk with her too! A song I wrote for my 2019 In Grace album, called Enough, which was written in response to the teardown epidemic happening in my neighborhoods (both where and I live and work) was selected to be part of this project. I was also interviewed for the Boston Globe for an article on teardown, and my song will be referenced on an article that will be published in October.

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