Talking The Terror: Episodes 1 (1×1,2&3)

Episode 1: Join hosts J Corina Francis, Yardley & Kinte as they break down Episodes 1 – 3 of season 1 of the AMC television drama “The Terror” 4/3/18

Episode 1 “Go for Broke”

In 1845, the Royal Navy set sail on the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror to complete a crossing of the Northwest Passage, trying to make it through a blanket of ice in the Arctic. However, misfortunes at sea, including a sailor falling gravely ill and an accident on deck, cripple the expedition 200 miles away, and the captains have to make a risky decision in order to continue their voyage.

Episode 2 “Gore” March 26, 2018

Eight months after Captain Franklin first steered the Erebus and the Terror into thick ice, the ships are still stuck. When summer comes, he sends out lead parties to figure out which direction the ice has melted. The men who trekked east find nothing, while the men to the west travel into dangerous territory and accidentally shoot an Inuit man, thinking he was a bear, but something killed one of their own.

Episode 3 “The Ladder” April 2, 2018

The crew apologizes to “Lady Silence”, the relative of the slain Inuit man; she sets out alone to build an igloo. Captains Franklin and Crozier, once friends, debate on their crews’ future. Franklin joins a group of armed marines that have set a trap for the creature, which later manages to kill Franklin and others. Lady Silence hears the creature outside her hut and finds that it left her a seal carcass.

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