Spotlight: Actress Julia Taylor of Kaytay All The Way

On Episode 222 we talk to Actress Julia Taylor of Kaytay All The Way. 6/30/16

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Creator, Actor, Head Writer – Julia Taylor
HI THERE! I’m Julia Taylor, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved making my ideas into a reality through imagination and collaboration. I first put this passion into “THE STAGE,” a full length musical that I wrote and directed at UC Berkeley. This, as well as my experiences working as a professional actor in San Francisco and a singer-songwriter in LA and Oakland, instilled within me a love of performance.

I love all genres but I find satire to be one of my specialties. I’ve observed that even the most archetypal of characters and personalities can contain within them nuance and originality. That is what I seek to convey in my newest project, a webseries called “Kaytay all the Way”: characters that are larger than life, but also true to life.

My team and I are ready to give our all. We want to make you laugh, think (but not too hard), and go all the way with us!

Mock reality TV web series, “Kaytay All the Way” stars Kaytay Kartier, an up and coming celebutante following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Kim K. This absurd satire covers her rise to fame: from getting arrested to leaking a sex tape, and even running a presidential campaign. Kaytay takes everything ALL THE WAY!

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