Black Empowerment 365: “Your Brand is Boring” w/ Jordan Hales

Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome Author/Comedian Jordan Hayles. The topic is about her forthcoming book Your Brand is Boring. April 15, 2016 Video

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This day in Histroy for April 15 1919 – Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett born

Lithographer and sculptor Elizabeth Catlett was born in Washington, DC. Catlett was the first woman to teach sculpture at the School of Fine Arts, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Jordan Hayles Bio

What’s the point of life if you never laugh? Jordan Hayles, author of the delightfully rude manifesto: Your Brand is Boring; is a comedic storyteller and edutain-er who is transitioning into stand-up comedy. She helps businesses and personal brands understand why customers don’t care and never buy. And best of all, she knows how to craft one helluva story.

Don’t tell anybody, but she was actually supposed to be a medical doctor. But then entrepreneurship happened. And then comedy. And there was no turning back.

You can catch Jordan on Blab during her hilarious show: The Lunchtime Comedy Chats where she simplifies comedic genius into strategies everyday folks can use in life and business. She also tells inappropriate penis jokes in her nerd glasses and afro.

Find out more about Jordan at


Your Brand is Boring Manifesto:

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