Cinema du Fromage “Hercules Unchained” (1959)

Episode 2: We take a look at 1959’s film “Hercules Unchained” which stars Hercules (Steve Reeves) and is Directed by Pietro Francisci. 5/3/15

Host KingPengvin aka Terry Anstey

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Host KingPengvin aka Terry Anstey

Panel: Kinte Tory Rush Robert Rabey The Monk, Joshua Chitty Tory Rush

Hercules (Steve Reeves) returns to Greece with his bride, Iole (Sylva Koscina), and their young companion, Ulysses (Gabriele Antonini), after a number of perilous escapades at sea. The three are immediately beset by a series of trials, each more difficult than the last, and also learn that the kingdom is on the verge of collapsing into civil war. Hercules must defeat his enemies and unite the people while resisting the magical allure of the beautiful Queen Omphale (Sylvia Lopez).

Release date: July 13, 1960 (USA)

Director: Pietro Francisci

Initial DVD release: April 16, 2002

Story by: Pietro Francisci, Aeschylus, Sophocles
Screenplay: Pietro Francisci, Ennio de Concini

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