Black Empowerment 365: Having that Entrepreneurial Mindset

Episode 1: Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome guests Leon Henry @teamevent2015 as they talk about Having that Entrepreneurial Mindset. Friday March 4, 2016

Next Episode 2: “Black memorabilia” w/ Gail Deculus-Johnson

Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek

Kinte Fergerson @KinteF

Leon Henry @teamevent2015
Aaron Gowans @Wakeupbetter

Leon Henry is a professional online digital marketing specialist who has worked within the information technology sector for over twenty-five years and has served various Fortune 500 and blue chip corporate organizations such as NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange,Thomson Reuters (NYC), and the BBC.

In addition, Leon has success fully trained and mentored more than 2,000 aspiring business owners the great plethora of opportunities available in establishing an online business by developing online sales/marketing strategies.

This day in Histroy for March 4th

1877 – Scientist/Inventor Garrett A. Morgan born

Scientist Garrett A. Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky. Inventor of a belt fastener for sewing machines, the gas mask, and the automatic traffic signal, he sold rights to General Electric for $40,000.

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