Mars/Venus: The End of the Road: Ending a Relationship

Episode 79 the topic: Breaking up with someone can be hard in this episode we talk about it. Monday October 24, 2016 video

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Female: Victoria James @Vikeejeah

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Victoria James

Hey, y’all! Wassup? It’s 24. I’m a 30-something, fun loving blogger who enjoys makeup, plus size fashion, and all things girly, glam, and fabulous! I started Youtubing back in 2013, and have been venturing into the world of blogging as of late 2014. I am a naturalista as well as an advocate for paleo eating (AIP). I live in New England, Massachusetts to be exact. I love all that Boston has to offer for a young newlywed, like myself. While much of my focus is on beauty, I will be chronicling my weight loss and diet, as well as my natural hair journey. I hope that you will enjoy the information I have to offer you, but more importantly, I hope that I can inspire women to give themselves some TLC. Life is so fleeting. We have to remember to take time to enjoy it. That is my mission with my blog. Life by Vikeejeah, on her terms, learning to love herself, and in turn, love others. Kisses!

Lex Kelly

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