Black Empowerment 365: Making Our Delicacies Healthier w/ Cordelia Gaffar

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Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome Cordelia Gaffar. The topic is Making Our Delicacies Healthier. April 8, 2016 Video

Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek

Kinte Fergerson @KinteF

Cordelia Gaffar

This day in Histroy for April 1990 – Percy Julian, developer of drugs to combat glaucom

Percy Julian, developer of drugs to combat glaucoma and methods to mass produce cortisone and George Washington Carver are the first African American Inventors admitted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the hall’s 17-year history.

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