Spotlight: Clint D. Johnson of Matthew Cross: Faith Walker

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 23 19.50Episode 204 Clint D. Johnson creator of Matthew Cross: Faith Walker stops by. Thursday October 15, 2015

Host: Kinte @KinteF
Co Hosts:
Shai G. @Shai_7
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Guest: Clint D. Johnson @clintdjohnson1


The Journey: Creator Clint Johnson is bringing characters, ideas and products that not only stimulate the mind but also speak to the heart. The Frontline character created by Clint D. Johnson is Faith Walker: street preacher, law-enforcer and urban hero. Faith Walker ran as a comic strip in a local newspaper and independent distribution from 1990-1994. A few years later an off Broadway production based on the strip was produced. This production was accompanied by a Faith Walker comic book. The comic book was created to pick up and transition where the comic strip ended. Matthew Cross later appeared in the graphic anthology, “New Visions” which experienced a complete sell-out of its first printing. The anthology was co-published by New Creation Publications and ClearVision Communication. In 2008 Johnson partnered with New Creation Entertainment and released select Matthew Cross: Faith Walker pages as an ongoing web comic. In 2010 New Creation released Faith Walker Victorious trade paperback that celebrated 20 years of the priestly patrolman. As the journey continues, Faith Walker was launched 11.11.11 as a revised revamped web comic under the umbrella of Open Sky Creations. There are new trails to tread on. After working with several entities over time in the spring of 2013 Faith Walker united with M25:20 Media, Inc. as the walk continues.

About Faith Walker Creator Clint D. Johnson
The Seed: New to the ministry, Clint Johnson used his talents of illustration and design to assist with church leaflets and programs. As a serious comic enthusiast the comic book influence was evident in his approach to visuals. One swift chain of events gave birth to Clint’s passion-FAITH WALKER. Deacon David Bell of World Won For Christ Ministries suggested Clint Johnson, a new member to that ministry, use his talent as a ministry. The seed was planted and the creative process took root. Shortly, Johnson encountered Publisher Annie Pierce and pitched the idea of a scripture quoting street walker who would confront the ills of the community. Having a working relationship in place from the past, the door swung open and Faith Walker put on his first pair of walking shoes. In 1990 The Community Circle Clipper gave Faith Walker his stomping grounds as a ground breaking black and white strip.

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