Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2

Episode 82 the topic: Sometime finances can put a halt to the love a couple may have for each other we take on this topic once again. Monday 5/8/17 Facebook Event: Listen to “Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2” on Spreaker. Previous Episode 81. Blerd: Being Black & Nerdy Next Episode 83. Soul Ties: Can Read more about Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2[…]

Mars/Venus: The Relationship Doghouse

Episode 80 the topic: The Dog house is a place no one wants to be we will examin how you can end up there and if you can get out of it. Monday 4/24/17 In The Doghouse Somewhere you don’t want to be. When one’s partner is displeased with them for one or more reasons Read more about Mars/Venus: The Relationship Doghouse[…]