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Mars/Venus: Blerd Black and Nerdy Part 1

Episode 81 the topic: It seems like these days its cool to be a nerd but is it still cool to be a nerd when you are black we shall find out. Monday 5/1/17

Blerd, or black nerd, is a term that has gained more and more popularity in the past couple of years. Try searching for #blerd on Instagram and Twitter and you’ll be flooded with tons of nerdtastic thoughts and personalities.

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Spotlight: 2015 Year end Review Show

On episode 211 we say goodbye to 2015 by taking a look at some of the events that took place and we also look at what we hope for in 2016 Thursday December 17, 2015

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Mars/Venus: Is Age Just a Number? (Dating & the Age Gap) 36

SYNOPSIS (E.36): When it comes to dating and the age gap where is the “line” between too old or young? Five years may be one thing. Even ten years one can start rationalizing. Yet 18 years is a tough one to justify. Is there some “unofficial” guideline we should all be following? We want YOUR PERSPECTIVE! November 3, 2014

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