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Guest Kinte Fergerson: Horror du Fromage “Return of the Living Dead”

Who loves Cheesy Horror? This week we have true Horror du Fromage: a review of the 80’s classic The Return of the Living Dead! Yardley’s podcasting partner and Indy Radio’s very own Kinte is a guest as we go old school and relive this hysterical and gooey zombie flick and expose Moni to the OG of comedy horror. Did she like it? Find out!

Music by Kai Engel & Punk Rock Opera

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Guest Kinte Fergerson: “Lakers & Lebron” Just Chill Podcast July 30, 2018

Kinte Fergerson of talks sports for the first pure sports podcast episode in awhile. @KinteF @JCTpodcast July 30, 2018

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Guest Kinte Fergerson: Kaepernick & the NFL Just Chill Podcast April 25, 2018

Kinte Fergerson of shoots the truth with me about Kaepernick & the NFL, why it’s a crime to compare Professional athletes to cheerleaders and the love for our current President..Wink Wink!! April 25, 2018

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Guest Kinte Fergerson: “NBA Playoffs and Mayweather” Just Chill Podcast July 30, 2018

Kinte Fergerson lights up another exciting edition of the show!! We go to everything from NBA Playoffs to UFC to whether or not Floyd “Money” Mayweather is indeed the best boxer of all time or just a case of over hype!! Enjoy this extended 60 minute episode full of surprises!! Apr 21, 2018

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