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The Spotlight: Actor Phil Burke

Episode 251 we talk to Actor Phil Burke best known for his role as Irish immigrant Mickey McGinnes on the AMC television series, Hell on Wheels about what he has been up to after the show 7/2/18

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Guest: Phil Burke @philburkeninja

Phil Burke attended the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in New York, on a Board of Trustees Scholarship. He graduated with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts in 2003. Burke continued his acting training at various performing workshops and studios throughout New York. On stage, Phil Burke holds a noticeable list of leading-roles to his credit while holding mixed work in leading and supporting roles on the screen. Burke’s screen debut was in 2005 and since that year, he has performed in various films and on numerous television series. Notable television series of the latter 2000s include The Good Wife (2009) and Hell on Wheels (2011) on which he held a recurring role. Burke’s film work includes the direct-to-video, horror film Zombie Town (2007), then, direct-to-video Sci-Fi adventure thriller 100 Million BC (2008) and then a romantic comedy film short Mike and Lucy (2008).

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The Spotlight: Actor Sean Cameron Michael

Episode 250 we talk to Actor Sean Cameron Michael who played Richard Guthrie on the Starz Pirate drama “Black Sails” about what he has been up to after the show 6/22/18

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Guest: Sean Cameron Michael @seancmichael

Sean Cameron Michael is a South African actor, writer and singer. A native English speaker, he is also fluent in Afrikaans.

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The Terror’s actor Paul Ready on working with the cast

The Terror’s actor Paul Ready on working with the cast

Listen to the full podcast with actor Paul Ready

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Talking The Terror: Episode 8 actor Paul Ready – Henry Goodsir

Episode 8: Join hosts J Corina Francis, Yardley & Kinte as we chat with AMC’s television drama “The Terror” star actor Paul Ready who plays Henry Goodsir 5/23/18

Paul Ready is a British actor. He is known principally for his work on stage, but he has also appeared in television, radio and films. He received a commendation at the 2003 Ian Charleson Awards.

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Spotlight: Damien D. Smith returns “Daddy’s Big Girl” Episode 248





Episode 248 we talk to Actor/film maker Damien D. Smith about his new project “Daddy’s Big Girl” 5/18/18

“Daddy’s Big Girl” Synopsis: A father prepares his daughter for him not to be around like she is used to having him in her life.

Make sure you vote for his film

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Guest Damien D. Smith @DamienDSmith

Damien D. Smith is an actor and writer, known for Vital Signs (2016), About That (2015) and Brides of Satan (2017).

Make sure you vote for his film “Daddy’s Big Girl “

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Black Empowerment 365: Damien D. Smith #TheHumanityInUs

Episode 22 Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome Actor/Film maker Damien D. Smith about his project #TheHumanityInUs link to his video August 19, 2016

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Previous Episode 21. Improving Literacy for Children and Adults w/ Kofi Myler
Next Episode 23. Emuna Zamani vs The Florida Judicial System


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Damien D. Smith @DamienDSmith

This day in history August 19

1963 – Youth from the NAACP Council begins sit-ins at lunch counters in Oklahoma City,

Youth from the NAACP Council begins sit-ins at lunch counters in Oklahoma City, 1963


An Artivism project by Damien D. Smith



I’ve put together a visual art instillation, focusing around the recent police murders of African-Americans in the United States of America. Its purpose is to bring to light that “WE” as African-Americans are actually, humans. We feel that one of the reasons that these horrific events keep happening is that, in the eyes of certain Law Enforcement Agencies, African-Americans are not viewed as human beings.

How it went down:

On July 14, 2016 a collective of African-American artist came together to record a series of testimonials under the direction of actor/director, Damien D. Smith.

The only scripted dialogue was:
“If I should die by the hands of the police”

When putting this project together, Smith took elements of all the rich and illuminating stories that the artist told and created a narrative. None of their stories are told in there entireties for the initial release of #TheHumanityInUs.


Damien D. Smith (Director & Artivist)


Thomas Q. Jones (Former NFL Running Back, Actor, Straight out of Compton)

Milauna Jemai Jackson (Actress, Aquarius – NBC, Strike Back – Cinemax)

Carl Seaton (Director, Bad Dad Rehab, TV One)

Natasha Ward (Casting Director, Kicks, The Perfect Match)

Damien D. Smith (Actor/Director, Bedtime with Black n Sexy, Born Again Virgin – TvOne)

Fred Thomas Jr. (Director, R&B Divas Los Angeles: The Divalogues)

Khalilah Joi Dubose (Being Mary Jane – BET, Agent Carter – ABC)
Malik Barnhardt (Actor, 8 Mile, Next Day Air)
Michael Payne (Actor)
Edwin Morrow (Rap Artist)
Tomi Townsend (Singer)
Jackie Stone (Director)

Theo Caesar (Agent)
Damon Turner (Activist)
Myles Payne
David Ashley
Reesha L Archibald
Aaron Opara
Maleena Lawrence
Allen Sowelle
Desmond Faison
Adebola afolabi
Danna Kiel
Emmanuel V Rumph
Reginald T Dorsey
Randall C Dansl
Crystal Cotton
Yakeri Chambers
Keelan Nealey
Aisha Alese
Megers Frierson
Theo Wilson

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Mars/Venus: Superficiality Episode 3

On episode three the panel will be talking about “Superficiality”. We will talk about being superficial who is men or women we will debate this issue. 2/17/14

FB Event:

Hosts: Kinte & Acuminous Watanabe
Norma Mena, Petlove Petshop
Fin Buenas Noches, Kevin Davey, Phil Smith, Theodus Crane
production info: Superficiality (1×03) #3 2/17/14

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Mars/Venus: Dating Episode 2

On episode two the panel will be talking about “Dating”. We will cover all aspects of dating first dates, dos and don’ts and much more. 2/10/14

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Host: Kinte
Brandy Maltas, Glenda Jackson, Acuminous Watanabe
Moses J. Moseley, Theshay West
production info: Relationships (1×02) #2 2/10/14

Moral Dilemma 2 – Dark Past

You have been dating someone for an extended period of time. You are thinking about taking it to the next level. Then the person you are seeing informs you something about their past. It appears that several years ago he/she used to be a prostitute. Those years are far behind them and they are a changed person and far removed from that lifestyle. They have no diseases at all.

What do you do?

a. Continue to date them
b. Relationship ends there

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