Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2

Episode 82 the topic: Sometime finances can put a halt to the love a couple may have for each other we take on this topic once again. Monday 5/8/17 Facebook Event: Listen to “Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2” on Spreaker. Previous Episode 81. Blerd: Being Black & Nerdy Next Episode 83. Soul Ties: Can Read more about Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2[…]

The Spotlight: Omage or Thievery

On Episode 235 is it an Omage or Thievery we will let you decided. 5/5/17 Facebook Event: Listen to “The Spotlight: Omage or Thievery/ Women Stand up when you pee” on Spreaker. Hosts: Kinte: @KinteF Olaf @OlafBarbosa R.P.O. @voiceguy1000 Guest: Graycon Sonata Our Social Media @thespotlightHE   Odd Stories 1. Read more about The Spotlight: Omage or Thievery[…]

Reel Discoveries: Swiss Army Man

A young man is shipwrecked on a small deserted island. After a few weeks, with no rescue in sight, his loneliness drives him to commit suicide. At the last moment, his life is reprieved when a stranger is washed up on shore. Joyously running out to meet him, he is despondent to discover that his Read more about Reel Discoveries: Swiss Army Man[…]

Mars/Venus: Blerd Black and Nerdy Part 1

Episode 81 the topic: It seems like these days its cool to be a nerd but is it still cool to be a nerd when you are black we shall find out. Monday 5/1/17 Blerd, or black nerd, is a term that has gained more and more popularity in the past couple of years. Try Read more about Mars/Venus: Blerd Black and Nerdy Part 1[…]

Mars/Venus: The Relationship Doghouse

Episode 80 the topic: The Dog house is a place no one wants to be we will examin how you can end up there and if you can get out of it. Monday 4/24/17 In The Doghouse Somewhere you don’t want to be. When one’s partner is displeased with them for one or more reasons Read more about Mars/Venus: The Relationship Doghouse[…]

Reel Discoveries: Spider Baby

by RPO The dulcet tones of Lon Chaney Jr. performing the opening theme song lets you know you are in for a special treat. Whether it’s going to be especially good or especially bad remains to be seen. Hey, everybody, this is your old pal RPO talkin’ atcha for the premier of [my new and Read more about Reel Discoveries: Spider Baby[…]

Featured Artist Setoria TheVocalist

From Setoria – Singer, Songwriter, Model and Radio Host fell in love with the way music made her feel at the tender age of 6. Born in Florida, Setoria began singing in church and school choirs and also explored the art of theater as she participated in many musical plays. With the attempts to master Read more about Featured Artist Setoria TheVocalist[…]

Movietime: Visioncon Part 2 & Film festivals

we are continuing our talk about VisionCon and having our long awaited talk on Film festivals. Do we really have an Indie film world or are we just all about commercial. We will be having a lively dscussion on the topics and hope for you all to chide in with us. Listen to “Movietime: Visioncon Read more about Movietime: Visioncon Part 2 & Film festivals[…]