Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2

Episode 82 the topic: Sometime finances can put a halt to the love a couple may have for each other we take on this topic once again. Monday 5/8/17 Facebook Event: Listen to “Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2” on Spreaker. Previous Episode 81. Blerd: Being Black & Nerdy Next Episode 83. Soul Ties: Can Read more about Mars/Venus: Love & Finances 2[…]

The Spotlight: Omage or Thievery

On Episode 235 is it an Omage or Thievery we will let you decided. 5/5/17 Facebook Event: Listen to “The Spotlight: Omage or Thievery/ Women Stand up when you pee” on Spreaker. Hosts: Kinte: @KinteF Olaf @OlafBarbosa R.P.O. @voiceguy1000 Guest: Graycon Sonata Our Social Media @thespotlightHE   Odd Stories 1. Read more about The Spotlight: Omage or Thievery[…]

Reel Discoveries: Swiss Army Man

A young man is shipwrecked on a small deserted island. After a few weeks, with no rescue in sight, his loneliness drives him to commit suicide. At the last moment, his life is reprieved when a stranger is washed up on shore. Joyously running out to meet him, he is despondent to discover that his Read more about Reel Discoveries: Swiss Army Man[…]

Mars/Venus: Blerd Black and Nerdy Part 1

Episode 81 the topic: It seems like these days its cool to be a nerd but is it still cool to be a nerd when you are black we shall find out. Monday 5/1/17 Blerd, or black nerd, is a term that has gained more and more popularity in the past couple of years. Try Read more about Mars/Venus: Blerd Black and Nerdy Part 1[…]

Mars/Venus: The Relationship Doghouse

Episode 80 the topic: The Dog house is a place no one wants to be we will examin how you can end up there and if you can get out of it. Monday 4/24/17 In The Doghouse Somewhere you don’t want to be. When one’s partner is displeased with them for one or more reasons Read more about Mars/Venus: The Relationship Doghouse[…]

Mars/Venus: The End of the Road: Ending a Relationship

Episode 79 the topic: Breaking up with someone can be hard in this episode we talk about it. Monday October 24, 2016 video Facebook Event: Previous Episode 78. All Female show part 5 Next Episode Season 5 80. The Relationship Doghouse Listen to “Mars/Venus: The End of the Road: Ending a Relationship” on Spreaker. Read more about Mars/Venus: The End of the Road: Ending a Relationship[…]

Are you a serious filmmaker or wannabe?

by Catherine Beamish and Odette Blanch @SonataGraycon Many years ago, while attending my first Friday Finance Seminar at the AFM (American Film Market), I was blessed to be seated between Sam Yeagan, an executive with the bank who was sponsoring the seminar, and Norman Katz. Sam and I struck up a conversation about why we were attending the Read more about Are you a serious filmmaker or wannabe?[…]

The Spotlight Season 12 Episode Guide

Season 12 of the spotlight debuted on February 18, 2016 with ex co-host D.L. Watson ( coming back to talk about the ol days plus what he has going on now. The hosts are now Kinte, Olaf, Kitty and new comer RPO. Co-host Shai G is no longer on the show. Also this season can Read more about The Spotlight Season 12 Episode Guide[…]