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Mars/Venus: Courting in 2018 #91

Episode 91 the topic: In this discussion we talk about how people Court in 2018. Monday September 17, 2018


Courting is the experience of developing a deep relationship with someone, with a view to seeing if marriage is right for the couple, without the complexity of sexual intimacy being part of that relationship. Enabling each to find out everything about each other, developing unconditional love and trust, with out rushing things, to decide if this really is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
They enjoyed their carefree courting days, long walks in the sunshine, talking, getting to know each other in great depth, enjoying each others company as true friends.

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Kinte @KinteF
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Cinema du Fromage Season 3 movie list

Season 3 (2018 – 19)

18. Rollerball 1975
19. The Car 1977
20. Casino Royale 1967
21. Body Double 1984
22. The Towering Inferno 1974
23. Dawn of the Dead 1978

24. Deathrace 2000 1975
25. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death 1971
26. Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982
27. Strange Brew 1983
28. The Dead Zone 1983
29. Plan 9 from Outer Space 1959
30. Cinema du Fromage Season 3 Finale The Show Down Episode

Talking: Mayans M.C. “Perro/Oc” Episode 1

Episode 1 Jen & Kinte review episode 1 “Perro/Oc” of FX’s new Drama Mayans M.C.. 9/11/18

Kinte @KinteF
Jen @FollowingBliss1

Episode 1 “Perro/Oc”

EZ’s fate is in flux as the M.C. and the cartel find a common adversary. An FX Original Series. Tuesdays at 10 PM.

68 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 09/04

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Cinema du Fromage Season 2 Finale The Show Down Episode

Episode 17: We debate what is the best movie of season 2 with the top 2 films in score. Batman (1966) VS Westworld (1972) Our Special guest judges are Joshua Chitty @SemiCoreJosh &
Meosha Bean @MVB_film September 6, 2018

Hosts KingPengvin aka Terry Anstey @Kingpengvin J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1
Kinte @KinteF

Previous: Episode 16. Battle beyond the stars (1980) 8/23/18
Next: Episode 18. Cinema du Fromage Season 3 (coming soon)

Special Guest Judges:
Joshua Chitty @SemiCoreJosh
Meosha Bean @MVB_films

Cinema du Fromage Season 2 Awards




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The Spotlight: Dr. Fasi Khurram Producer/ Director #254

Episode 254 we talk to Producer/ Director Dr. Fasi Khurram @Dr_Fasi ‏CEO of AWAAZ Productions Inc.. Fasi created World Film Festival & WFF Signature Awards. This festival and awards ceremony is a national non-profit composed of a number of voting writers, directors, actors and cinematographers, that acknowledges the strides made in the industry towards diversity. 9/3/18

Kinte @KinteF
J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1

Guest: Dr. Fasi Khurram @dr_fasi

Dr. Fasi Khurram-

First, accept the fact that no press release can do the tremendous accomplishments of Dr. Fasi Khurram justice. Fasi is a noted producer, line producer and upcoming director for a diverse array of low budget movies. Fasi isn’t just a personality; he’s a force of nature.

As CEO of AWAAZ Productions Inc. USA and to further the cause of diversity, Fasi created World Film Festival & WFF Signature Awards. This festival and awards ceremony is a national non-profit composed of a number of voting writers, directors, actors and cinematographers, that acknowledges the strides made in the industry towards diversity. Fasi has been invited by & proposed by Dame Munni Irone to merge her Art 4 Peace Awards with the World Film Festival & WFF Signature Awards to make a complete package with more diversified categories for the participants from the world and from different diversified talents or skills which he will give a World Platform to. This includes placing Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinawood, Latinwood and Nollywood communities under one roof or one platform. Fasi has been working closely with Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kaliwood celebrities as well as as celebs from Nepal, but not limited to the international ones such as Chinese, Russian, Afghani, Vietnamanese, and Mexican celebs. Fasi believe that a good team always bring success and he developed the relationships with his consultants as his team who have more than from 10 to 30 years of experience in production and distribution nationally and internationally who constantly advise and support him on every step he takes. Yet throughout his illustrious career in a very challenging and competitive field, Fasi has always retained his heart of gold. Even when growing up in India, the young man was known for his caring heart. and He excelled at soccer and started playing since his childhood and later played in college and in major tournaments at the national level in India by representing Andhra Pradesh in 1994.

Also Fasi has earned an MD from the Russian State Medical University (Moscow- Russia), was Executive Director of Marketing for Clegg and Credico Marketing Company, founded a telecommunications company in Canada, and even hosted radio shows in Silicon Valley and launched his own AWAAZ Radio Station APP which has multiple diverse communities 24/7 radio channels to promote there culture and tradition. AWAAZ Productions represents the culmination of his dream to create eco- system in the entertainment industry and also create an opportunity platform to give all cultures a voice, which, translated into Hindi/Urdu, is “AWAAZ”- means (VOICE – Inner – Voice). Because he became convinced early on that the entertainment industry needed more positive role models, positive messages and esteem-building organizations, Fasi has always been a man with a mission by the grace of god and he always say thank you to his family, friends and community-at-large who support him indefinitely. More about Dr. Fasi at and

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The Spotlight: Linda Marks Singer/Songwriter #253

Episode 253 we talk to Singer/Songwriter Linda Marks of Women In Music Gathering and Artists for the Environment. 8/28/18

Kinte @KinteF
J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1

Guest: Linda Marks Singer/Songwriter


As a small child, Linda Marks, was passionate about music and felt a magnetic pull to pianos and all things musical. Her first word was piano, and she was placed in a Longy School of Music experimental program for gifted and talented kids at age 3. She started writing music in grammar school, and wrote the 8th grade graduation song. Linda holds a degree in Music with honors and distinction from Yale University, where she co-founded Something Extra, Yale’s 3rd women’s a capella singing group, as a 17 year old freshman. She ran Café Calhoun at Yale, and both sang and produced musical shows. In the 1980’s, Linda performed in the Boston acoustic music scene and sang and co-wrote songs with Lisa Wexler. She appeared on “Music America” with Ron Della Chiesa, and released a tape of original music, “Dreams and Themes” in 1983. She founded and ran the Boston Arts Roundtable, a group of musicians and other artists who gathered for camaraderie and produced multimedia concerts.

The Women In Music Gathering

The Women In Music Gathering is an intergenerational artist-alliance of women in music: singer/songwriters and performing musicians, with the primary goals of collaboration and support, extending to both personal and professional aspects of being a woman in music.

Artists for the Environment.

Diane Cameron Elam founded this project, and I hope you get to talk with her too! A song I wrote for my 2019 In Grace album, called Enough, which was written in response to the teardown epidemic happening in my neighborhoods (both where and I live and work) was selected to be part of this project. I was also interviewed for the Boston Globe for an article on teardown, and my song will be referenced on an article that will be published in October.

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Black Sails: Series Retrospective part 5 Episode 52 Woodes Rogers & Billy Bones

In this episode we take a look back at the Starz pirate series Black Sails. This time we focus on the characters Woodes Rogers & Billy Bones as voted by the fans. Podcast air date 8/21/18 episode 51

Woodes Rogers is the newly appointed Royal Governor of the Bahamas. He heads to Nassau with the intend to take control of the colony from the pirates. In order to better understand Nassau, he takes Eleanor Guthrie to advise him; over time, their relationship grows closer.

He is the main antagonist in Season 3 and 4. He loses his title of Governor and is finally defeated by Jack Rackham, James Flint and Long John Silver. But Rackham doesn’t kill him, wanting instead to humiliate him to avenge Charles Vane and Edward Teach, who died because of him.

William Manderly, better known as Billy Bones, was the Boatswain of the pirate ship Walrus. After Gates became the captain of the Ranger he was promoted to Quartermaster. He is key to smooth operations on the ship, and was widely assumed to be the next quartermaster should anything happen to Gates. Bones’s belief in the righteousness of the pirate cause will be continually tested as he is drawn deeper and deeper into Captain Flint’s plans for the future. He later became First Mate, when John Silver became the new quartermaster.

Kinte @KinteF
Yardley @militant_marker
J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1
Olaf @OlafBarbosa

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Guest Kinte Fergerson: Horror du Fromage “Return of the Living Dead”

Who loves Cheesy Horror? This week we have true Horror du Fromage: a review of the 80’s classic The Return of the Living Dead! Yardley’s podcasting partner and Indy Radio’s very own Kinte is a guest as we go old school and relive this hysterical and gooey zombie flick and expose Moni to the OG of comedy horror. Did she like it? Find out!

Music by Kai Engel & Punk Rock Opera

Produced by Hype Media

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Cinema du Fromage: “Battle Beyond the Stars” 1980

Episode 16: We look at 1980’s film “Battle Beyond the Stars” which stars Lara Cody and Lawrence Steven Meyers is Directed by Roger Corman, Jimmy T. Murakami. Our Special guest is TBA August 23, 2018

Hosts KingPengvin aka Terry Anstey @Kingpengvin J Corina Francis @FollowingBliss1
Kinte @KinteF

Previous: Episode 15. Flash Gordon (1980) 8/16/18
Next: Episode 17. Cinema du Fromage Season 2 Finale The Show Down Episode

Special Guest: Ken White

Movies Make the Meal:

Movie Score Talley: 96 60% Cheese Rating

KingPengvin 26
1) production quality 7

2) story 5

3) acting 6

4)overall entertainment value 8

Kinte 20
1) production quality 5

2) story 4

3) acting 5

4)overall entertainment value 6

J Corina Francis 23
1) production quality 8

2) story 3

3) acting 3

4)overall entertainment value 9

Special Guest: Ken White 27
1) production quality 6

2) story 7

3) acting 6

4)overall entertainment value 8

Battle Beyond the Stars
PG 1980 ‧ Science fiction film/Indie film ‧ 1h 45m

Seven space warriors do battle to save a peaceful planet from a ruthless conqueror who promises to give his laser-toting mutant followers eternal life – by grafting victims’ organs and limbs on to their aged bodies.
Initial release: November 13, 1980 (West Germany)
Directors: Roger Corman, Jimmy T. Murakami
Budget: 2 million USD
Box office: 7.5 million USD
Music composed by: James Horner

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Sherry Andrea Psychic: Not Getting What We Want

Join host Sherry Andrea, a higher self channeler as we dive into the topic “Things We Say and Do That Lead to Us Not Getting What We Want” 8/17/18

Sherry Andrea’s purpose in this incarnation is to help others along their spiritual path. Many are guided to her by Angels and Ascended Masters. She is a conscious higher self channel who is fully merged with my higher self, as well as a energy worker (and Reiki Master) with telekinesis, spiritual teacher, law of attraction coach and author. A higher level of divine truth is what comes through her.

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