Black Sails: Series Retrospective part 3 – Thomas Hamilton · Pastor Lambrick · Richard Guthrie

In this episode we take a look back at the Starz pirate series Black Sails. This time we focus on the characters Thomas Hamilton · Pastor Lambrick · Richard Guthrie as voted by the fans. Podcast air date 6/12/18 episode 50

Lord Thomas Hamilton is an English nobleman, and the former husband of Miranda Barlow. His freethinking ideas of pardoning pirates to restore Nassau to English governance horrified those in power. It is revealed that he was also the lover of James Flint.

Lambrick is a pastor and the head of the local church in Nassau. He is openly against piracy, and anybody who supports them, including Richard Guthrie and his daughter. He awaits the day the Royal Navy comes and cleans the island, and believes his flock will be safe, as they are good with God.

Richard Guthrie was a smuggler and the richest black-marketeer in the Bahamas. Because of this, he had become a powerful and dangerous man.

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