Black Empowerment 365: “Black Male & Female Realtionships” w/ Stephanie L. Ghoston & Brooklyn Taylor

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Join Hosts Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek and Kinte Fergerson @KinteF as they welcome Stephanie L. Ghoston & Brooklyn Taylor of the 42% Show. The topic is Black Male & Female Realtionships. April 1, 2016 Video

Quianna Rodriguez @HappyWorkWeek

Kinte Fergerson @KinteF

Stephanie L. Ghoston @CultivatedSense
Brooklyn Taylor @BrooklynPCB

This day in Histroy for April 1 1984 – Marvin Gaye dies

Marvin Gaye dies in his parents Los Angeles home. Marvin attacked his father for verbally abusing his mother. His father responded by shooting his son to death. Since his death, the power and reach of Marvin’s music has increased.

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